How to use preproxy

Enter URL (website address) in the top right form and hit the Go button to start browsing anonymously using a random proxy site, or enter website address and click on a proxy of your choice from the list to open URL in that proxy.

How proxies work?

Proxies keep your computer/mobile data and your location protected on internet, apart from data protection web proxies have become easiest way to bypass geographical bans and internet filtering imposed in diffrent areas. Glype is most popular proxy script followed by PHProxy and CGIProxy.

Proxy sites protect your location and PC/Mobile data

Proxy sites web servers are located accross diffrent countries, when someone starts using these server to browse internet, their real georaphic location, IP address are never exposed to sites they visit. If you are not using proxy your real location, pc/mobile information is logged (or can be logged without your permission) by the sites you visit. A web proxy provides you a diffrent IP address with new geo location and your computer/browser data remains protected.

Are these proxies secure?

There has been a surge in encrypted and secure proxy sites, as long as you are using a secure https:// proxy, you can rest assured. About 40% or proxy sites listed on are secure sites with SSL certificates, look for SSL when selecting a proxy.

Can proxies log my activity?

Short answer to this question is yes, however most sophisticated activity tracking comes from likes of Youtube and Facebook, proxy sites simply can not match size and scale of these sites. By default popular proxy scripts used on majority of servers are opensource and do not log any activity. Advertisements on these proxy sites are pretty irrelevant which suggest they are not tracking users.

Can I enter passwords on proxy sites?

Select a secure proxy, check browser address bar to confirm https with green lock displayed in major browsers. Never use proxy to login to your bank account, In case of emergencies use proxy to check your email, later on chage your passwords. If you are using proxies to login to social media sites just develop a habbit of changing passwords and enable two factor authetication on these sites.
Sites with two-factor security are much more safer because you need password and a code received on phone to login, so even if your password is compromised your account remains protected.

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Youtube on proxy

Want to access Youtube via web proxy? here are some proxies with confirmed youtube support

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